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Rooted in Wellness was born from the “reality shock” that Ashley Pitcher felt as a mother and wife who peered behind the cultural curtain of the medical world to find that traditional medicine does not always have our best interest in mind. With a determined spirit and a personal commitment to living life naturally and holistically, the root of “Rooted in Wellness” is to provide an intimate look at how a holistic business owner, mother and wife makes alternative wellness less complicated and more than possible. The services and content of Rooted in Wellness is dedicated to the tired moms who set-up all night vigils for runny noses and tummy aches. To professionals fed up with over the counter products, prescriptions and doctor’s offices who bustle around hoping chronic ailments will somehow fade away with time. And, to those who simply want to find do-it-yourself, forever solutions to finally “feeling better” in our manic, busy world. Rooted in Wellness, is for You.

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