//Reasons to Skip on Grove Collaborative

Reasons to Skip on Grove Collaborative

When I was a new mom, I craved for a toxic-free home but was completely overwhelmed with all the options out there. I did not trust marketing because so many companies are “Green Washing” (when marketing makes something look healthier but it is NOT). I just didn’t have the time to research every product and felt so defeated.

So, to the tired mom’s who are craving a toxic-free home too, this blog post is for you…

In my mailbox today, I got this very pleasant mailer advertising for Grove Collaborative (wow, even the name has a wonderful co-op appeal). It claims to be a “heathy home” subscription box. Hey! Doesn’t that seem easy and ideal?!

This service is exclusive to “brands that care.” They list Method, Burt’s Bees, Tom’s of Maine and Seventh Generation along with an offer for Mrs. Meyers. To any busy mom whose been exposed to a lot of marketing, this initially looks like a great lineup. But allow me to share some important information…

  • Method is owned by SC Johnson & Johnson
  • Mrs. Meyers is owned by Cladera Company whose parent company is SC Johnson
  • Burt’s Bees is owned by Clorox Company
  • Tom’s of Maine is owned by Colgate-Palmolive
  • Seventh Generation is owned by Unilever

I personally seek companies that I know I can trust. Companies that have always offered clean and healthy products without harmful ingredients. Unfortunately, Johnson & Johnson, Clorox and Colgate are not companies that I trust.

Need some more information?

Have you heard of the Think Dirty app? Download it now! You can scan barcodes of the products in your home to see how “Dirty” each product is. The app will break down the ingredients and their health impacts.

Let me share some examples of how the Think Dirty app has rated Meyer’s and Method, as well as your favorite Johnson & Johnson product…

Knowledge is power. Educate yourself. Empower yourself with the tools to make informed decisions. You deserve a better toxic-free home so you and your family can live a long healthy life together.

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