Rise Up Kindred Roots

My journey to becoming an oil-loving, fresh-cooking and all-natural wife, mom, and woman began with the same element that kickstarts most life changes: a shock. While perusing around for something interesting to watch as I tried to unwind from a busy day, I came across the film, “The Business of Being Born.” It’s highlighting of the medical industry’s business objectives shook me to my core. Were we really spending money on potentially harmful chemicals that didn’t actually work to cure the root issue, put money in the pockets of big business and actually inhibited our body’s ability to heal in the long run?As a mother and a wife, my mind jumped towards fearing for my family’s health. I knew there was only one way to combat that fear.


My journey to learn as much as I could in regard to preventing and curing illness naturally had begun. This journey enveloped my mind, heart and soul to the point that a permanent passion grew and I surrounded myself with a community of others who were looking for natural alternatives and personally made a commitment to a holistic approach in my family’s everyday routines. After working with an incredible wellness mentor, I started my own professional endeavor as a doTERRA specialist, I stuck to my holistic promise and developed a deep understanding of natural health and created a happier and richer (both literally and figuratively) life. Friends and strangers who were curious about how to shake up their typical wellness routine began contacting me as a personal point of wellness reference.

I knew I wanted, and needed, to share what I had learned and what I had seen work, with others.

With a great team behind me, “Rooted in Wellness” has made, and continues to make, an impact on many worried moms, struggling professionals and illness sufferers who want to find an effective path toward “feeling better.” This wellness project has also allowed me to give an inside look at how I continue to carry out my commitment to holistic wellness in daily life. Through the site, clients and curious readers can stay updated on how and where myself and my team are serving and teaching in our community. And while Rooted in Wellness is about teaching people how to heal and listen to their bodies, it’s also about building relationships.

We know how important a supportive environment is to wellness success, and we consider ourselves your cheering squad.

The best aspect of a wellness journey, is that it can start at anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re battling chronic illness, or simply looking to savor your life a bit more with healthier alternatives, Rooted in Wellness can educate, apply and motivate your continued success with our holistic knowledge. We see the word “alternative” not only as a divergence from the norm, but as a promise of possibilities.

You’ve read a bit of the Rooted in Wellness story and we’d like to tell you more but what we’d love more is to hear yours. If you’re ready to learn more about alternative wellness and begin a personalized, orchestrated journey to healing and illness prevention, get in touch with us.