hello mama

So thrilled you are entering this space with me to partner with you on your motherhood journey.

Here your voice will be heard. Your heart will be guarded. And your choices will be empowered.

I will walk alongside you on this sacred path to honor your inner wisdom and respect your motherly intuition.

You are in a safe space to delve into your reproductive goals, prepare for pregnancy as well as rest into complete postpartum care.

Thank you for seeking to laying roots here and being intertwined in the experience that is Kindred Roots.

Whenever and however you intend to give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life.

Ina May Gaskin

I’m Ashley


From my own birth journey with all my boys to partnering with you through nurture, love and support. The creation of Kindred Roots comes from the core of what it means to be ‘mama’ at all stages, as well as how we all come together to support.



From pregnancy, birth and beyond, I have designed services so you are lusciously supported.


All the luscious mama resources you could need on this beautiful journey of mamahood.

words from mamas’

Carrie Ann, Mother of 2

Ashley’s confidence in her home birth experiences helped motivate me to have a home birth of my own. She is matter-of-fact and reassuring in her demeanor and is a positive mentor to new and experienced mothers.

Lane, Mother of 3

Ashley has a passion for natural living & birth and has a wealth of knowledge & wisdom about mothering, pregnancy, birth and post-partum care! She was so helpful for me as a friend and source of encouragement and support as I prepared for my third child’s (and first natural, out of hospital) birth.

Jenn, New Mom

Ashley was someone who I could talk to who made me feel heard.

Megan, Mother of 5

Ashley helped me emotionally and spiritually during my last pregnancy with my twins. She aided me in gaining the resources and knowledge I needed for my twin pregnancy. I needed help knowing my rights during Covid in a hospital and she assisted me with retaining that knowledge as well. She is extremely nurturing and warm. She’s very uplifting and positive. Ashley helped me to feel empowered and confident in myself during my pregnancy/birth.

Melinda, Mother of 2

Ashley has created space for healing and Sisterhood, I am beyond grateful for her passion and advice.

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