You’ve spent nine months preparing for your birth and your little bundle’s arrival, but how prepared are you for all the days to follow?

Bringing home a baby whether it’s your first, second or third, will completely change the life that you once knew, and it can be quite jarring for the whole family. Having an experienced doula to support you during this major transition could prove to be extremely beneficial.

Every family’s needs vary so I will work to support you in the areas in that you are desiring help. You may be a mom who is happiest holding your baby or perhaps you would like to give your arms some rest. There may be someone in your household who insists on doing the laundry or perhaps it doesn’t matter as long as it isn’t sitting in the washing machine for a third rinse.

There is no right or wrong way to receive postpartum care. And there is certainly no judgment from myself.

Having experienced an extremely isolating and lonely postpartum period myself, it is my goal to prepare, support, and comfort a mother (and her family) during this very vulnerable time.

Our society becomes enthralled with a squishy new baby but often forgets that the mothers need just as much care and nourishment as the new baby. My job is to make sure the mother is not left in the shadows and receives all the support and help she could need.


From pregnancy, birth and beyond, I have designed services so you are blissfully supported.


All the luscious mama resources you could need on this beautiful journey of mamahood.

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