doula services

Pregnancy Companion (with virtual birth support add on)

This option is perfect for the mom/family that is looking for education, support and birth preparation throughout her pregnancy regardless of birth location. Meet with Ashley once a month from conception to birth (with two meetings in the last month) and reach her via texts in-between visits to discuss questions or concerns.

Continue the support by adding on virtual birth support/consulting for your hospital birth.

Birth Doula

This is a great option for a mama who is confident in her pregnancy and wants support for her birthing time.  This option includes two visits prior to birth, on-call starting at 38 weeks, and two postpartum visits.

Reduced rates/sliding scale for homebirths.

Postpartum Doula 

This option is ideal for all mothers, but especially those that are in need of extra support (emotionally, physically and mentally) in preparation of and after the baby arrives. Ashley will listen and support mama with any questions or concerns that arose during her birthing time and help mama emotionally work through this major transition. In addition, Ashley will help mama with personal and household needs (ie allowing mom to get a much-needed shower or nap, run errands, walk the dog, clean around the house, throw in the wash or play a game with the older sibling(s)).

ALL INCLUSIVE Complete Doula Care

This option is perfect for the mama who wants it all (and who doesn’t?)!  Complete care and support throughout her pregnancy, birth attendance and postpartum (including 8 hours of postpartum care).


From pregnancy, birth and beyond, I have designed services so you are lusciously supported.


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